Universal Meditations Sell Sheet

International meditation guide and peacemaker David Less draws on his 40 years experience with universal spiritual practices to create easy-to-follow Meditation “Recipes” For Everyone, Everywhere.

“David Less’s practical and poetic guide to meditation has something for everyone. Imagine a guide to meditation that is written so clearly that even a beginner can learn quickly, while experienced prac- titioners will discover beautiful new ways to get to the mind’s still point.” – John Mackey: CEO Whole Foods Inc

12 weeks of meditation “recipes” guided step-by-step with supportive commentary.

Includes simple steps for preparing for a meditation practice. The meditation recipes are designed as a progressive course, but can also be done individually.

A clear and simple guidebook that makes meditation easy and a peaceful mind possible.

Suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. International Meditation Guide David Less shares his unique recipes for conscious repose of the mind. A valuable experiential guide for the reader seeking to live with a greater sense of peace and well being. Suitable for both begin- ners and seasoned meditation practitioners alike.

A valuable meditation resource for practitioners of any faith

Less’ meditation recipes are not limited to a particular culture, religion or spiritual tradition. Universal Meditations has been translated into German and French and is currently being translated into Chinese. This book’s depth and truly universal scope have already made it appealing and successful for a wide audience.