Planetary Meditations (p.120)

Week Seven – Monday

Planetary Meditations: Excerpt from David Less' Universal Meditations

Mercury is the energy of communication and
short-term accomplishment.


(4 to 5 minutes)

  1. Attune to the planet Mercury by breathing through the nose very rapidly for about twenty seconds.
  2. Open your eyes, keep the breath rapid, and focus your attention on any object in the room or out the window. Hold your gaze for about five seconds and move to a new object.
  3. Repeat for five objects, then breathe naturally.
  4. Without thinking (too much), fill in the blanks in the list below. Try to have the answers relate to your everyday outer life.
    I Want______________________________________
    I Need______________________________________
    I Hope______________________________________
    I Feel______________________________________

It is wise to remember in this meditation that Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, is pictured as the messenger of the light of the sun. Mercury is closely associated with the mind, which the ancients believed was the communication facilitator for the light of the heart. By following the breathing exercise suggested above and accelerating the breath, we are replicating a certain rhythm that is more conducive to communicating than it is to creating. When the meditator fills in the five blanks, what is communicated, ideally, is the needs and desires of the heart rather than the mind. This is a wonderful meditation for writers, salespeople, clergy, and schoolteachers.