Meditations in the Heart (p.40)

Week One – Wednesday

Meditations in the Heart: Excerpt from Universal Meditations

The joy of my soul moves my heart to dance.


(5 to 15 minutes)

  1. Close your eyes and hear/feel the pulse of your heart. If you have difficulty, place your fingertips lightly on your carotid artery, wrist, or other place in the body where you can more easily feel the pulse.
  2. With each beat of the heart, silently think the word LOVE. Continue for one to three minutes.
  3. Then switch to the word JOY for one to three minutes.
  4. Next, think the word BEAUTY for one to three minutes.
  5. Be aware of your pulse and your breath simultaneously for
    one minute.

Many meditations start by attuning us to the rhythm of the pulse. It is quite common for the mind to move at a rhythm that is much faster than the pulse. Placing our attention on the heartbeat has the effect of slowing our minds and making us aware that we have an inner, palpable clock that we can train ourselves to glance at from time to time. By aligning a feeling with our heartbeat, we begin to learn that we can create and direct what we experience.