• Universal Meditations Sell Sheet

    International meditation guide and peacemaker David Less draws on his 40 years experience with universal spiritual practices to create easy-to-follow Meditation “Recipes” For Everyone, Everywhere.

  • About the Author

    The interest for David Less’s spiritual teachings have spread throughout the world. He has traveled for decades, teaching meditation, peace- building, and inter-spiritual harmony. David has taught meditation at the UN, Harvard, and The Parliament of World Religions.

  • Silence Your Television: An Interview with David Less

    The following is R. Wieselman’s December 2010 interview with David Less about Less’s book, Universal Meditations – Recipes for a Peaceful Mind.

  • Segment Ideas, Interview Topics & Story Angles

    Download Media Kit Peace is Not Passivity “Peace is disciplined consciousness, moving in a controlled direction,” says author and spiritual teacher David Less. “Active peace” is a phrase coined by your friend Tai Situ Rinpoche. Can you tell us more about this quality of peace? The experience of peace requires diligent training of the mind […]

  • Segment Ideas • Interview Topics • Story Angles 2

    Download Media Kit The Need for a Mind in Repose “Not only have we lost our natural rhythm, we can’t even remember that we had one”, says author and spiritual teacher David Less. David Less talks about the mind that has lost its natural rhythm: • The world we live in is continually pulling our […]