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Peace is Not Passivity

“Peace is disciplined consciousness, moving in a controlled direction,” says author and spiritual teacher David Less.

“Active peace” is a phrase coined by your friend Tai Situ Rinpoche. Can you tell us more about this quality of peace?

The experience of peace requires diligent training of the mind and the emotions. How can one develop this diligence?

Even stormy thoughts can be peaceful, in the presence of a disci- plined consciousness. How can one grow to experience this ?

Cultivating Attributes in our Meditation Practice Wakes up the Universe!

As we make the Universe a reality in our lives, it makes us an awak- ened part of itself,” says author and spiritual teacher David Less.

Find out how to develop attributes in our being. David Less talks about how we aim to know that which is universal in all of us by experiencing the attributes which are found to a greater or lesser degrees in each human being. By focusing our attention on these attributes, we can enhance them. Week Eight’s “Recipes for Medi- tations on Attributes” provide you with an opportunity to experi- ence meditations that:

• Focus our consciousness on the attributes within us that are directly relevant to the way we view and experience life.

• Enable us to experience the attributes of truth, compassion, health with balance, and stillness to vibration.

Does Meditating on Opposites lead to Duality or Unity?

“Learning from the dynamic of opposites, rather than choosing one over the other, lifts the mind and intelligence and unity,” says author and spiritual teacher David Less.

In your book, Universal Meditations, Week 9’s meditation recipes teach us how to learn from opposites by giving up attachment to a particular point of view. Could you explain more about that?

In the Alpha/Omega meditation, you comment that mystics often use opposites as a sort of training. What do they hope to gain by this?