About the Author

The interest for David Less’s spiritual teachings have spread throughout the world. He has traveled for decades, teaching meditation, peace- building, and inter-spiritual harmony. David has taught meditation at the UN, Harvard, and The Parliament of World Religions. He is currently the Spiritual Director of Rising Tide International, a nonprofit organization that teaches universal- ist spirituality. He is also the International Head of the Universal Worship, an organization founded in Paris in 1920 that is centered around the celebration of all the faiths of humanity without cul- tural or religious bias.

David runs an international tour company which promotes sacred travel and the exchange of ideas among peoples of the world. His studies with authentic spiritual teachers from many traditions ex- panded his experience and teaching beyond the form and concept of any particular tradition, to one of universal wisdom, peace and love.

“My intention was to write a guidebook for people who were com- plete novices to meditation, and also for people who had been meditating for many years. There was a need for a template of med- itations that were not attached to any particular culture or form of meditation, yet incorporated the wisdom and techniques of many different paths.

I was hoping that the book would be written in a way that was clear and simple and concise and that people could experience medita- tion immediately rather than wading through texts that were dif- ficult to understand and not necessarily in rhythm with our lives today. I also wanted to have meditations that were short, fifteen or twenty minutes maximum, and meditations that included human feelings, rather than taking us away from our feelings. I believe that our feelings, our passions, can make meditation real and profound.” 
– David Less