• Introduction Excerpt: Universal Meditations: Recipes for a Peaceful Mind Introduction

    In this book, I hope to take the actual experience of meditation and bring it out of its exotic orbit into the realm of everyday life as it is lived by all us, no matter where or how we live, no matter who we are.

  • Excerpt From Universal Meditations: Setting Intention Setting Intention

    The first step toward meditation is learning to still the body. This simple training is at the very core of discipline, concentration, and developing the will. One way to learn this is to insist… (read more)

  • Meditations in the Heart: Excerpt from Universal Meditations Meditations in the Heart (p.40)

    Many meditations start by attuning us to the rhythm of the pulse. It is quite common for the mind to move at a rhythm that is much faster than the pulse. Placing our attention on the heartbeat…(read more)

  • Four Simple Steps to Still The Mind

    There are four simple steps that will help you learn to still the body, and each of these steps will require more energy and attention in the beginning. Then, through repetition, these actions will become automatic. 1. The first step is to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, if you can. If you […]

  • Meditations on Beauty: Excerpt From Universal Meditations: Recipes for a Peaceful mind Meditations on Beauty (p.56)

    This simple meditation, done consistently for a few days, can connect you with hidden feelings about the nurturing aspect of your being, about death and aging, and about relationships with the feminine. Gradually this meditation shifts….(read more)

  • Meditations on Nature: Excerpt From Universal Meditations Meditations on Nature (p.64)

    Many people believe meditation to be some onerous exercise in serious spirituality. This meditation invokes the child within each of us, allows our minds to play, while at the same time the message we receive can be very profound…(read more)

  • Meditations on Peace: Excerpt From Universal Meditations by David Less Meditations on Peace (p.98)

    Many of the thoughts and feelings that bring so much heaviness and limitation to our lives can be eliminated consciously. Some of us do this through psychotherapy or analysis; some….(read more)

  • Planetary Meditations: Excerpt from David Less' Universal Meditations Planetary Meditations (p.120)

    It is wise to remember in this meditation that Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, is pictured as the messenger of the light of the sun. Mercury is closely associated with the mind, which the ancients…(read more)

  • Meditations on Self: Excerpt From Universal Meditations Meditations on the Self (p.200)

    It can be very helpful when practicing a long meditation with different attributes to keep paper and pen by your side. As you have different feelings or experiences, jot down a note or two as reminders. After the meditation…(read more)